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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Shop Fire in Nashville, TN

Electrical fires can be devastating to a home or business. Every year, a stray spark from an overloaded outlet or flammable object reduces many homes and busine... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning Nashville

This is an example of the cleaning results possible when a company understands the science behind carpet cleaning and implements those standards.

Major Grocery Chain: Emergency Pressure Washing

A major grocery chain called with an emergency pressure wash need on a Saturday recently. They had a community relations issue with unsightly areas around thei... READ MORE

Water Damage in a garage in Nashville

This is another garage that was damaged during the freeze of January 2014. Big freezes such as these always come with the potential for large water damage, beca... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe in Garage in Nashville, TN

Nashville is not normally known for extremely cold weather in the winter, but it happens on occasion! In fact, this customer can attest to how damaging freezing... READ MORE

Electrical fire in Middle Tennessee

Electrical fires can be a particularly scary occurrence because they can seemingly come out of nowhere! Because of this, they can sometimes be the most damaging... READ MORE

Flooded bathroom in commercial facility

Water damage can sometimes be hard to detect, and when this is the case, the damage can be fairly severe. Although the migration of the water in the before pict... READ MORE

Flooded basement with parquet flooring

Recently a customer called with a water damage to their beautiful bar area in a basement. In situations like these, it is important to dry any excess water or m... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration Nashville, TN

When fire damage strikes a home or business, the results can be devastating. The trauma of dealing with a fire takes on several stages and dealing with the rest... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Nashville, TN restaurant

We all know of horror stories involving mold found in homes. However, that intensity is magnified when a mold infestation is found in a business or restaurant! ... READ MORE

Water Damage to Hardwood Floors Warping Panels

Prolonged exposure to water damage can cause very severe warping over time to your hardwood floors. This is why it is crucial to discover any possible leaks tha... READ MORE

Water Damage to Hardwood Causing Cupping

In this job, our client's hardwood floor received some rather serious water damage from clean water overflowing from the laundry room sink. A circular area outs... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in a Crawl Space

Mold growth is always a big problem, especially when it is allowed to go unchecked. Mold can grow rapidly, appearing only 24-48 hours after water damage. That m... READ MORE

Mold Growth found in a Crawlspace

Mold growth is never a fun thing to find, especially when it is allowed to go unchecked. Mold can grow incredibly fast, taking as little as 24-48 hours to appe... READ MORE

Nashville fire damage restoration before and after

This Nashville homeowner experienced a house fire several months ago that left the house in ruin. The home sustained severe fire damage, smoke and soot damage, ... READ MORE

Commercial water damage in Nashville TN

This high profile marketing company experienced a major flood recently that left severe amounts of water damage to their offices, and our SERVPRO of Belle Meade... READ MORE

Nashville Condo water damage during construction

A well-known developer and general contractor reached out to SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville to help when the remnants of hurricane Harvey came tearing t... READ MORE

Nashville house fire before and after

This West Nashville house experienced a heavy fire in their kitchen as well as extensive smoke damage and soot damage throughout the rest of the home. There was... READ MORE

HND Management Commercial Repair

When it comes to your business, the presentation of your building can go a long way towards bringing in and maintaining your client base. That can make graffiti... READ MORE

HND Management Graffiti Removal

When it comes to maintaining a business, the presentation of your property can go a long way towards bringing in and maintaining your customers. That means if y... READ MORE

HND Management Vandalism Restoration

When it comes to your commercial business, the overall appearance and presentation of your property can go a long way towards bringing in and maintaining your l... READ MORE

HND Management Graffiti Removal

When it comes to your business and commercial property, the presentation of your property can go a long way towards bringing in and maintaining your clients. Th... READ MORE

Saving Wet Hardwood Floors in Nashville

This before and after series is after our latest success story saving hardwood floors from removal/replacement. The biggest sigh of relief is from the homeowne... READ MORE

Pressure washing to remove mold and staining in Nashville

Nothing can quite beat the feeling of enjoying the sun in your own backyard on a clean and well-maintained patio. Unfortunately for this client, their beautiful... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO?....improving indoor air quality of your Nashville home

Good air quality in a home or business is not something that is often top of mind. However, maintaining a higher quality of air can drastically improve the qual... READ MORE

Flooded kitchen in Nashville, TN

The most likely rooms to experience water damage are, of course, the bathrooms, the laundry room, and the kitchen. This Nashville home was no exception where th... READ MORE

Cleaning your Nashville air ducts as part of mold remediation

When it comes to improving the air quality in your home or business, there are no lengths too great for our team here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville.... READ MORE

Prevent fire damage by cleaning your Nashville commercial dryer vents

It is no secret that if not properly maintained, the dryer in a home, or business, can become a serious fire hazard. Thankfully, the team here at SERVPRO of Bel... READ MORE

Nashville Hospital Flood with Contaminated Water

This is a very drastic example of why you would call SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville when your Nashville area hospital floods with grossly contaminated wa... READ MORE

The Unfortunate Effects of Storm Damage in a Nashville Home

When it comes to the overarching umbrella term of storm damage, there is a lot of possible damage to consider. Storm damage can come with water damage from floo... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO…so your DIY project can go back "Like it never even happened."

Recently we were called out to a residence to address a water damage/mold issue. The customer had made a custom stone façade for their separation wall. ... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO? Because Your Hard Work Matters to Us!

Our SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville crew arrived at this job at 9:30am to remove an area of drywall that had been heavily damaged by mold. This drywall wa... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold Remediation

After receiving approvals from the insurance adjuster to begin with the required mold remediation, our SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville Crew arrived at the... READ MORE

Safely Containing and Removing Kitchen Mold

Our SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville team was called to contain and remediate a mold infestation in a client’s kitchen. Upon arrival, our team inform... READ MORE

Careful Removal of Materials Affected by Water Damage

Upon their 9:30 AM arrival, Our SERVPRO of Belle Meade West Nashville crew carefully began demo of the affected areas. In order to remove the water damage, 3 se... READ MORE

Home renovation project after water damage

Sometimes, life hands you lemons, and all you can do is make lemonade. That was certainly the case for these homeowners when they experienced water damage. Find... READ MORE

Helping a Church in Georgia Recover from Storm Damage

In October of 2018, Hurricane Michael tore a path of destruction across Florida and huge areas of Georgia, causing extreme damage everywhere it went. This left ... READ MORE

Storm Damage Church Restoration

When Hurricane Michael rolled across Georgia leaving a path of destruction behind it, this small, local church was not spared from the damage. Hurricane-force w... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos