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5/21/2019 (Permalink)

The dirt and germs that will accumulate in your hotel carpeting accelerate the wear-and-tear it will experience from all the foot traffic and baggage wheels, and the overall clean impression you want your hotel to give your guests is going to be negatively affected. Today, we would like to share a few simple tips to help you protect your carpet investment in addition to all the regular vacuuming and deep cleaning you already do.

SPOTS AND STAINS. Remember that there is no real difference between the two. All that it takes for a spot to become a stain is to forget about it for a while. A spot should be immediately blotted with a paper towel or other absorbent material to soak up as much of the spill as possible, and this should keep the spot from becoming a more pesky and problematic (and unsightly!) stain.

USE PRE-SPRAYS. Carpet cleaning chemicals can leave behind residue that will actually collect even more dirt. The next thing you know, your carpeting is a dingy mess. Only properly diluted chemicals that break down these stains and rinse clean should be used for spots. Allow your pre-spray to penetrate the spots for a while so that they can do their work.

HIGH-QUALITY EQUIPMENT. Regular cleaning, such as daily vacuuming, can vastly reduce your need for deep cleaning when it is done with high-quality equipment. Shop for properly dated filters and backpack vacuums, and remember that correctly completing periodic deep carpet extraction cleaning in your hotel is essential to keep carpeting dry, which prevents mold growth.

PRE-VACUUM. Carpeted areas need to be vacuumed daily, which allows dirt to be easily removed before it has time to get wet and become embedded in your carpeting.

TRAIN YOUR TEAM. Make sure your team knows how to clean your hotel carpets correctly. The most efficient way to ensure that your carpeting lasts is to establish a routine maintenance plan that is executed by properly trained cleaners.

PROFESSIONALS. Call a professional cleaning company to come in and help you when it’s time for large-scale deep cleaning of your hotel carpets. Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville, we have the training and expertise to get your hotel carpets fully cleaned and looking like new in a timely manner. We are water and fire damage experts, and we are fully equipped and ready to handle mold remediation.


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You know that flooding, fire, and extreme weather can happen to a business at any time, and the structures and contents can easily be negatively affected. Staff can become injured or find themselves in dangerous situations, and these are scenarios you will want to be able to prevent or be ready for. You probably have an emergency preparedness plan in place, but when is the last time you looked it over? Updating your business emergency plan is a smart thing to do on a regular basis so that you will always be prepared:

  • PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE. Make sure that all areas around your buildings are kept free from flammable materials and that landscaping is trimmed well on a regular basis to prevent fires from spreading if they occur. If you have replaced doors or windows lately, don’t just assume that they are properly sealed. Parking and entrance/exit areas need to always be clear and safe, in case of a disaster. Your emergency plan should include steps that need to be taken ahead of time that will lessen the effect a disaster could have. If there is heavy rainfall during inclement weather, or if the building is near a body of water such as a lake or river, low-lying spaces are going to be in danger. Keeping these areas in good repair before a flooding event occurs will go a long way towards avoiding bigger issues.
  • EVACUATION INFORMATION. State law requires that you post an evacuation plan in a visible place for your staff and customers, and this needs to be up-to-date, with any floor plan or grounds changes noted.  Make sure that your employees understand it and know how to carefully guide clientele to safe areas should a disaster occur.
  • CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION. Update your phone and email contact info monthly, so that all employees can be effectively alerted to important information whether they are at work or at home, should a disaster event occur.

Our team here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville is ready to help with water and fire damage, and we are proud to be mold remediation experts. Our professional damage restoration company is an important and welcome resource during tough times; we are able to complete all necessary repairs in a timely and efficient manner as well as keep you and your workforce out of harm’s way.


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Summer storms in Middle Tennessee can bring torrential rain, which brings with it the threat of flash flooding. Severe thunderstorms are also something to be prepared for, with the lightning, high winds, and possible tornadoes they bring. Being prepared for summer storms will keep you, your workforce, and your place of business safer. If you are adversely affected, you will be able to recover more quickly, too.

A strong response plan is the best way to prepare your business for those summer storm events, and it starts with communication. When a storm hits, communicating with your customers and employees will be vital; they need to know how you will handle the situation. Are your operations reduced, or will you close completely?

Another important part of your response plan is the way you will be protecting sensitive information, such as customer and financial data. Having an off-site backup location is crucial, in case of major damage to your premises or computer systems.

The goal of your response plan should be to get your operations back up and running normally as fast as possible. If it looks like you will be facing a long term disruption, you will be glad of a contingency plan. Creating one will help support your business during an extended period of recovery or reduced operations. If your physical location is destroyed by a summer storm and your workforce is able to do their jobs from home, that will be a huge plus. Think through all the possible issues and have a plan in place that will allow you to conduct your business as close to normal as you can.

These are just a few ideas to get you started in your summer storm preparations. What your business needs will depend on the type of work you do, mostly. Planning ahead for your unique work situation will help you, well….weather the storms.

Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville, we have years of experience in storm and water damage. We also handle the aftermath of fires and severe flooding. Call us today for help in preparing your business for summer storms.


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A fire can cause real damage to your hotel, and whether or not your business survives the disaster is going to be determined by the actions after it’s all over. Today, we share some tips to help you recover from fire damage to your hotel:

Documentation. Avoid costly mistakes by documenting everything; maintain a log of all contacts and phone calls so that you can keep track of everyone you speak with, when you talked with them, and what was discussed. Begin collecting receipts to document any expense that you incur during your business’ recovery period.

Insurance. Reach out to your insurance agent immediately to report your losses. Prompt action may help you avoid delays and missed deadlines, which will keep you from getting your hotel back up and running.

Security. Any unoccupied portions of your hotel can be targets for thieves or vandals. Call your local police department and request extra patrols of the property and the surrounding area. Depending on how much time your police department can commit to your premises, you may find it necessary to arrange for private security to protect the property.

Safety. Keep your guests safe and prevent further damage by having utilities serving the damaged areas turned off. Gas and electricity should be turned off at the meter; water can be turned off at the main valve. Do not resume use of any utility until it has been inspected and cleared by a professional or representative of the utility company.

Caution. While you would like to get your hotel running normally again as quickly as possible, it is vital to proceed with caution in the immediate aftermath of a fire. It can be tempting to rush into remediation and repairs, but acting in haste can be an expensive mistake. Contact experienced professionals like SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville; we have the knowledge and resources needed to restore your space properly.

Fire damage is especially devastating for a commercial property or business. Every hour spent restoring your business back to a pre-fire condition is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville, we know how to deal with smoke, fire damage, and water damage, and we are available 24 hours a day.


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We have finally turned the corner into Spring, and the bright sky and blooming flowers are quite pleasant to see after a gloomy Winter. As the owner of an apartment complex, you have already been making lists of things that will need to be accomplished during this time of year, particularly to prevent water damage, and now that things are warming up, and a landscape refresh is more than likely on that list.

Plants and trees are extremely useful on many levels, as we all know. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and are proven to have a calming effect on us, but they prevent erosion, attract beneficial birds and insects, and help buildings to be more energy efficient by shading them and blocking warm air.

Here are some landscaping tips for your apartment complex:

Use Indigenous Plants. If you are replacing unhealthy plants or trees or landscaping a new area, consider using indigenous plants. They will require less water and care, and will grow naturally. Their maintenance will be minimal, as well, and all of these benefits save you both time and money. In addition, they are part of the natural local environment, so they will cause no harm.

Use Attractive Specimens. A beautiful landscape for an apartment complex is the ultimate in curb appeal, so when you are choosing fresh specimens for your plantings, use those that are most visually appealing. Make sure they smell good, too - or at least select those that put out no unpleasant odors!

Use Less Grass. Grass is expensive to keep up, with all the water, fertilizer, and mowing that it requires. Allow more of your property to revert to a natural setting and invest in walking trails and natural butterfly/honeybee areas. Your tenants will love it! Less water will also reduce the change of water damage and mold growth in your apartment complex.

Use Veggies. Community gardens are sprouting up, literally, all over the country. The benefits are many: bringing people together, providing organic fruits and vegetables for the immediate locale, promoting the health of beneficial insects and birds are just a few. Designate an area or two to this project, and get your tenants involved in the process. It's something that many will enjoy and will be helpful for them in reaching their health goals.

SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville is here to help with any of your water damage, fire damage, or mold remediation needs!


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As a commercial business owner, you have worried about your own enterprise when you’ve seen the news reports and social media posts showing water damage to other businesses after a flood or heavy rain. Disasters like that are almost always unexpected, and if you aren’t prepared for what may happen during storm season, you can suffer more water damage than is necessary.

The top sources of water damage to your commercial building will be:

  • Wet Weather. The steady rains of winter or occasional snow and ice can cause issues when there are opportunities for leaks. Take a good look around your place of business to see if your premises are prepared for wet weather. Ensure that all exterior doors fit as tightly as they should, and that doors and windows are properly weather-stripped. The roof of your office or warehouse needs to be regularly inspected and well-maintained, too, to protect your machinery, product, and furniture from this most common source of water damage.
  • Flooding. Both major and minor flooding events can occur during rain storms and after ice and snow melt. The parking lot or driveway of your home or business needs to have a well-planned drainage system so that clients, employees, and family members can get to and from their vehicles safely. If people have to wade in from their cars, floors will suffer, and a slip-and-fall accident due to wet floors can be a disaster. Low-lying buildings next to a parking lot full of water can end up flooding, and you will want to plan ahead to prevent that from happening.
  • Leaks. Another very common source of water damage is going to be from leaks in your interiors. Pipes and water heaters that are not in great repair can spring leaks quickly and cause a lot of damage if the problem is not caught right away. Regular inspections of all your appliances and water systems will help you determine if there needs to be a replacement of older items that could become troublesome.

The team here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville is standing by, ready to help in any way we can! We have the expertise to handle water and fire damage, and specialize in mold remediation. If you have sustained water damage to your commercial property, give us a call today!


5/1/2019 (Permalink)

No business owner wants to see a loss happen because of flood damages, especially when they could have been prevented. There are the floods that happen because of bad weather, and then there are the floods that come about due to equipment failure or negligence. Here are a few flood damage prevention tips for you that will help you avoid the worst of both.

All appliances have a limited lifespan, so it’s important to check your refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters, HVAC units, and bathroom fixtures for any signs of failure. Flooding in these areas will create huge issues for you, especially if they happen over the weekend! Look for:

  • The sound of running water
  • Unpleasant odors in floors, walls, or drains
  • Low water pressure
  • Mold growing around appliance or fixtures
  • Worn out hoses

If leaks are left untreated, they can lead to mold growth, stains, and floor and wall damages. Address any leaks immediately - this is one of the best flood damage prevention tips we can give you!

Watching your water bill is another way to prevent problems. If it goes up considerably for no apparent reason, you probably have a leak somewhere. You can also read your water meter to maintain a check on it.

Maintaining roofs, gutters, and exterior windows and doors will go a long way towards keeping your business safe from the elements and flooding that can happen during heavy rains. Any drainage system on your property will need to be properly cared for, too, with debris and dirt clogging the system being removed regularly in case of heavy water. A backed up drainage system can be a huge flooding culprit.  

If you are due for some landscaping, make sure any new large shrubs or trees are planted in places where they won’t interfere with pipelines, and remove those that are already in the danger zone. Root systems can easily break apart piping and create a flooding event. Choose those plants and trees that don’t have aggressive root systems, just to be safe.

When you are dealing with flood damages, the SERVPRO of Belle Meade / West Nashville team is always here to help, 24/7. We are water and fire damage specialists, and we have years of experience with mold remediation and prevention, as well.


4/30/2019 (Permalink)

As a Middle Tennessee business owner, you are no stranger to extreme weather. From heavy rainstorms and thunderstorms to extreme heat and tornadoes, you’ve come to expect it. High temperatures paired with humid conditions will create an environment that is right for mold to establish itself in your commercial property. Mold will thrive in dark, moist and unventilated places such as closets, warehouses, and office storage. The best way to stay on top of a mold issue is to do regular inspections of your property for the sights and scents that spell trouble.

You will want to take a look around a day or two after extremely wet weather during the warmer months. Move machinery and office equipment, and look at the places where the walls join the floor and in the corners. Check out the ceiling closely, and if the lighting is bad, this is a great time to schedule an upgrade of your interior lighting. Regular inspections can also keep you informed as to whether your roofing or walls have experienced any kind of damage that can result in leaks - another way for a mold colony to get started.

The best way to handle mold is to use preventive measures in the first place. Here are a few ideas that can help:

  • Keep all workspaces well-ventilated
  • Use a dehumidifier, especially during the more humid months
  • Make sure exterior doors are properly sealed
  • Organize all stored items on shelves, using the floor and walls as little as possible
  • Don’t keep cardboard in storage areas
  • Remove any standing water immediately and dry area completely
  • Trim back shrubs and plants near structures, not allowing overgrowth

If you suspect that your home or business has developed a mold problem, SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville is standing by to help! We are also experienced in cleanup after water and fire damage. Give us a call!


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As the owner, or manager, of a corner cafe or a quick service restaurant, you know that fire is one of the worst things imaginable. It will endanger the lives of your staff and your guests and destroy your property, shutting you down indefinitely.

It will always be a good idea to take a look at your established policies to ensure that your practices and procedures to prevent fires in your establishment are appropriate and are being followed.

Here are some essential fire damage prevention tips for your commercial kitchen:

EQUIPMENT SAFETY. Cooking equipment is often responsible for restaurant building fires. All your equipment must be maintained in top condition, from ovens to fryers. Following established cleaning practices daily, and to the letter, in addition to regular professional inspections, will ensure that repairs are made before something happens and that your equipment won’t outlive its safe operation. 

GREASE. A buildup of grease in hoods and grease traps can be a dangerous thing. These equipment components operate under high-heat constantly, so they can easily become a fire hazard, as can kitchen ductwork. Contact an experienced cleaning and restoration professional to address these issues and help you to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

SPRINKLERS. A critical component of commercial kitchen fire safety is the fire sprinkler system. Corrosion can weaken their effectiveness, so having them regularly inspected will be a good practice in preventing fire damage.

UL COMPLIANCE. If you don’t know how old your kitchen UL suppression system is, verify that information during your next inspection. You may want to consider an upgrade to UL 300 compliance to ensure your commercial kitchen’s safety.

EMPLOYEES. The very best equipment and the most top quality maintenance can never completely prevent restaurant fires. The most effective weapon in your arsenal is going to be your employees. Train them well to always be ready for restaurant fire emergencies through monthly meetings and drills, and encourage their input when addressing safety issues. Make sure everyone knows how to use fire extinguishers and how to safely evacuate your building.

Getting your doors back open quickly will be easier with the help of a professional restoration company. Call us here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville if you experience fire damage, water damage, or mold issues.


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The steady rains of winter, or the occasional snow and ice Nashville can experience, can cause a lot of problems to your business, and with spring showers coming you will want to be prepared. Take a good look around your place of business; are you prepared for more wet weather? You will want to make sure that your exterior doors fit as tightly as they should, and the weather stripping on both doors and windows is in good repair. The roof of your office or warehouse will need to be in good shape, as well, to protect your machinery, product, and furniture from the possible water damages that can come from wet spring weather.

  • The parking lot or driveway of your home or business needs to have a well-planned, and well-maintained, drainage system so that clients, employees, and family members can get to and from their vehicles safely. Inspect the parking lots of your business regularly for erosion, since the last thing you need is a bill for damages to a vehicle due to deep potholes. If you know you’ll see a lot of run-off from the parking area, consider sandbags for any affected area. Low-lying buildings next to a parking lot full of water can end up flooding, so you will want to plan ahead here, too.
  • If your rain gutters become clogged with debris such as dead leaves or small branches, they aren’t going to be able to drain away rainwater, so inspect this area and replace any parts that are not in good repair. As water backs up, it can leak back into the walls of your building, sometimes without you knowing it, and you can quickly find yourself with water damage and a colony of mold.
  • Power lines and telephone poles on or next to your business property are a potential issue when wet spring weather hits. Contact your utility company and have them come take a look to make sure you, your business, and your employees will be safe.
  • Be aware of the condition of any large trees on your property. If the grounds of your place of business become saturated, a tree with an unstable root base can fall, while heavy, unhealthy branches can be extremely dangerous in high winds and can create problems for you, your employees, and your customers if they become detached.

The team here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville is standing ready to help you in any way we can. We have the expertise to handle water damage and fire damage and specialize in mold remediation. If you have sustained water damage to your business or property, give us a call today.