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How To Prepare Your HVAC For The Winter

12/10/2019 (Permalink)

For the care of your HVAC systems in your commercial buildings, engaging a professional HVAC company to do maintenance on your system every spring and fall will ensure that the heating and cooling of your property are running as efficiently as possible. With the winter months almost upon us, it is important to schedule an HVAC inspection in advance of the coming cold weather. Cleaning of the wiring and mechanisms of all your HVAC units will be completed, which requires the kind of training these professionals have. The experience and expertise of such a company are invaluable to any business owner since the comfort of all interiors and the energy efficiency of the buildings themselves is important to residents, tenants, and owners alike. 

Here are some things you can do yourself as a commercial business owner both monthly and seasonally to maintain and prolong the life and efficiency of all your units and systems in between professional maintenance visits:

  • Use pleated, high-efficiency filters. These types of filters have an electrostatic charge that works like a magnet to attract particles, such as those that carry bacteria. 
  • Keep HVAC units free of grass, leaves, and pollen. Make sure landscaping companies don’t allow grass to shower on top of any exterior units on your grounds during the warmer months, and during the fall you will want to ensure that dead leaves and branches don’t end up there, either.
  • Clear two feet of space around all outdoor heating and cooling units.
  • Inspect refrigerant lines each month.
  • Replace air filter at least every 90 days.
  • In early fall, replace the humidifier filter and turn on the water.
  • Replace your carbon monoxide detector battery.
  • Ensure the outdoor AC unit is on firm and level ground.
  • Clean AC condensate drain with bleach/water mixture.

Have your professional maintenance company check all your ductwork to make sure it’s sealed properly when they come to tune-up your HVAC. For more energy savings, preprogram the thermostats in your building. 

Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville, we care about you and your business. When it comes to preparing the HVAC system in your commercial building for the winter months, we are here to help. We are proud to offer our expertise in water and fire damage repair and cleanup to our friends and neighbors here in the Nashville area.

What To Do When Your Pipes Freeze And Burst

11/19/2019 (Permalink)

Even though we’re in the South, our winters here in Middle Tennessee can be pretty cold. If a cold snap comes, bringing a few days of frigid weather in a row, you could end up with burst pipes when they freeze. This kind of event can cost you a lot of money, not to mention aggravation, and will make you wonder why you didn’t prepare your plumbing ahead of time.

Make sure to educate yourself about what to do in case of a plumbing emergency - one of the first things to know is the location of the main water shut-off valve! Make sure you and at least some employees know where this is. After all, prevention is always the best plan. 

If you suspect that you already have frozen pipes, here are some tips to handle that kind of situation:

  • Turn off your water immediately, using the main shut-off valve.
  • Call the professionals. A professional company with the skills and equipment in place specifically for this kind of event is going to be able to help you quickly and efficiently. You may be tempted to try to defrost frozen pipes using a flame, but please do not do this. Any open flame in enclosed spaces is extremely dangerous, and also won’t actually work. A hairdryer might be a help, and you can apply this heat to the pipe gradually after you open the faucet. Begin near the end of the faucet and move towards the ice block. Make sure you don’t stand in water while using any electrical device!
  • If any rooms in your house are flooded, make sure to check for live electrical outlets or cords that could be submerged before you step into the standing water. If you aren’t sure, wait for the professionals to arrive.

The SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville team is ready to help any time you have a water-related disaster. We’re available 24/7 to help with any water damage and fire damage, and we can handle cleanups of all sizes. We’re mold remediation specialists, too!

Choosing The Right Contractor For The Job

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

Finding a reliable and competent contractor to undertake your repair or renovation job is so important. Even with a great contractor, this process can be stressful and expensive, and can often include unpleasant surprises. The right contractor can help homeowners with these types of situations and avert disaster. 

For projects that are too big or too complicated to do yourself, you need a general contractor. He or she will then hire subcontractors for specialty work, chosen specifically for their skill. They will know who is competent and experienced in completing your particular project. 

Make sure you know exactly what you hope to accomplish before you get any estimates. Your estimate will be more accurate if you are specific about time and materials. Talk to friends and neighbors and others that you trust and get recommendations for a high-quality contractor. Interview at least three candidates, ask lots of questions and get bids from each one. Don’t be afraid to negotiate! You will want to check their licensure, complaints, and litigation history to make sure they are who they claim to be, and the BBB is a great place to start. Checking their references will let you know what their track record is when it comes to job completion, and level of excellence as well. 

Make sure you know what the contractor’s area of expertise is. If you are renovating a bathroom or kitchen, you will want to work with a company that has a great track record here. If you are working on your decking or building a separate garage, you will want to employ someone that has done this kind of project in the past with impressive results. 

When you have chosen your contractor, expect him or her to be too busy to start right away. A contractor that is highly sought after is always a good sign. 

Make sure your contract is complete and clear, including deadlines, progress payments, and material lists. If anything is not documented, it will come down to your word against theirs if there is an issue. 

Most renovation projects will require permits, and you need to make sure that everything is in place before the work starts. Never start work without a permit just to save money, even if your contractor suggests it. Tearing something down after it is begun is a waste of money, and the contractor will not do it for free. In many cases, you can also incur fines.

No matter how diligent you and your contractor are in preparing for the job, expect surprises that will add to the costs. It is wise to expect to pay 10-15% more than your contract states. Even the best contractors can get busy with other things and find it difficult to come back for the final details, so ensure that you only make the final payment after all work is fully completed to your satisfaction as per your contract. 

SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville is your full-service repair and renovation team. We are water damage and fire damage experts, as well, and we are here to help 24/7 with all your projects. 

How To Stop Mold From Returning To Your Business

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

Mold spores spread easily and can never be completely eradicated once they take hold. It can grow anywhere - on clothing, food, paper, and carpet, as well as places that we never see, like the back of drywall inside any wall that has a leak or pipes that are covered in condensation. It is a costly and difficult problem to fix, and it can add allergens and irritants that are very unhealthy for your staff and patrons. 

As a business owner, you need to know how to stop mold from returning to your place of business, and we have some tips that will help. Keep in mind that the key to mold prevention is just this: moisture control. 

  • Problem areas. Do an audit of your business and find the problem areas, such as rooms or storage spaces that have been flooded recently. If you notice windows or doors that are frequently covered with condensation or see water stains and damp spots, you know that you have a leak somewhere. Once you’ve identified the source, take steps to make the necessary repairs that will alleviate this problem. 
  • Keep things dry. Seepage after heavy rainfall or even a spill will need to be dried up right away. Mold only needs 24 to 48 hours to establish a colony, and if there has already been an infestation, the time frame may even be shorter. Proper ventilation in all areas is a great way to hinder mold from returning to your business, and using dehumidifiers can be very beneficial, too. You may be tempted to run your AC less during hot, humid weather to try and save some energy money, but it may cost you in the long run if mold starts to encroach again. Keeping your interiors cool and dry will frustrate a mold colony and ensure that your business is free from issues. 
  • Mold-resistant products. If your business is undergoing a renovation or extensive repair project, choose mold-resistant products such as drywall, sheetrock, and paint to protect your business and prevent mold. Cleaning products for bathrooms and kitchens that are formulated with mold prevention in mind can go a long way toward keeping your business mold-free. 
  • Monitor. The EPA recommendation for indoor humidity is between 30 and 60 percent, and you can measure this with a moisture meter. Paying attention to telltale signs of excessive humidity will keep you aware of any potential mold issues. 

The SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville team is here to help with home and business repair, renovation, and clean up after water damage or fire damage. We are mold remediation specialists, too.

What To Do After Finding A Leak In Your Restaurant

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Even if it’s small, a leak in your restaurant can cause issues of all kinds. You don’t want a situation to develop that will cause you an interruption in business due to damage or unhealthy conditions, so you will want to deal with any leak of any size immediately and thoroughly. 

Here are some steps to take after you find a leak in your restaurant.

  • Location. A leak in the guest bathroom is not going to be as serious as a leak in the kitchen, unless it’s a big one and threatens the dining area and spaces where perishables are kept. The very first thing to do is to make sure you know exactly where the water is coming from.
  • Prevention. Turn off any water that may be supplying the leak, and use containment methods to keep the water in one place as much as possible. Towels and other items made with absorbent materials can help here. 
  • Clean up. Mops and buckets, fans, push brooms, dehumidifiers, and elbow grease will all come into play here. Use whatever tools and resources you may have at your disposal to get rid of all water. 
  • Dry. Make sure the area is as dry as possible, and if it’s a big job, call professionals. Choose a company that has skill and experience in this area and in the area of mold remediation. It will only take a colony of mold 24-48 hours to get established in damp, dark areas, and that will spell disaster for your property. 
  • Replace. Be sure to replace any faulty pieces of equipment. If paperwork or documents were affected, a professional water damage renovation company will be able to employ special methods to restore your documents to their original state, or as close as possible. 
  • Plan ahead. Take a good look around at your premises to note any other potential issues for future reference. A professional can help you to identify problem areas.

Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville, we have the training, expertise, tools, and skills to help you with water damage and cleanup in your business or home. We are also mold remediation specialists. 

Where To Check For Water Damage In Your Restaurant

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

Damp areas are an attractive spot for a mold colony to grow, and that’s something no one wants, or needs, to see. Regular inspections of areas in your restaurant allow you to take care of issues before they can become serious.

Here are the top three areas to check regularly for water damage:

  • The staff bathroom. Water is the name of the game when it comes to the bath area. Most commercial staff bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly several times a week, and these times are great for checking for leaks and damp areas. Look in the least traveled spots, such as corners of any closets, behind the toilet, under the sink. If there are any leaks in these places, they can be a danger until they are fully dry. You can invest in a dehumidifier for bathroom areas that seem to be more humid than normal. 
  • The main kitchen. This area of the business sees some pretty heavy-duty usage on a daily basis. Keep an eye out for spills and leaks and clean them up immediately to ensure that they are not attracting mold spores, which are always in our air and cannot be removed. The spaces under and around the coolers and freezers are places that can be damaged by water without you noticing, so get out your flashlight and make sure you see every corner clearly.
  • The dishwashing area. This area, since it often has large appliances, also has nooks and crannies that need to be checked closely. A leak behind an automatic dishwasher or under a commercial sink can create huge issues down the road. Add that to the humidity in the air and possible unseen leaks or drips, and you have a recipe for the establishment of a mold colony. Have the machinery pulled out from the wall regularly, and make sure the areas behind them are clean, dry, and disinfected. 

SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville is always here to help you with any issues related to water damage in your home or business. Large-scale cleanups after flooding and fire are our specialties, and we are mold remediation experts, too. 

What To Do If You Have Water Damage To Your Apartment

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

apartment building Pipe bursts and washing machine mishaps can happen. Stay on top of the situation by following these tips from SERVPRO.

When a pipe bursts or your washing machine breaks, damage from all that water can be difficult to handle. Dealing with water damage is time-consuming, expensive, and isn’t always covered by renter’s insurance; depending on the size of the event, restoration can cost between $1000 to $10,000. 

When facing these kinds of potential costs, a renter may want to consider handling some of the repairs themselves to cut down on out-of-pocket costs, but this may not be the wisest thing to do if they are not handy. Today, we’ll share some tips to help you decide if you need the assistance of a professional or if you can do it yourself. 

Evaluation. This step is the most important since it determines all your actions going forward. Some important factors are going to be:

  • The amount of damage. A moderate amount of water in your apartment should be manageable, as long as you have the tools you need. Significant flooding or continually rising waters will be a different story, though, and you should call for help immediately in these instances. If your area has been affected by a natural disaster, that is not going to be the right time to take on a DIY project, either. Use the skills of professionals here and be sure to follow all instructions from your local disaster relief organizations. 
  • Consider the source. Figuring out where the water is coming from will be an important next step because it will help you to know what type of water you may be dealing with. Safety is always a concern when it comes to handling water that may be contaminated in some way, and in these cases, calling the professionals will be the right choice. 
    • Clean water is not a problem. It may come from rain or leaky pipes with no bacteria growing in it. This kind of water can be cleaned up with little to no professional help, depending on the amount. 
    • Gray water comes from your dishwasher or washing machine and can be slightly contaminated. It can also be safe to clean this type of water up by yourself, but be sure to use proper safety precautions, such as wearing gloves and other safety gear. 
    • The last kind of water is black water. It can come from sewers or through flooding from a body of water nearby. Never try to clean up this type of water on your own, as it can contain many kinds of highly infectious organisms and other potential health hazards. 

If you aren’t sure what kind of water you are facing, call in the professionals for help. 

The level of damage your apartment has experienced is also something to consider. Light damage can be handled by the resident, but significant damage can make your residence unsafe. In the case of safety, it’s always best to call in a water damage specialist.  

The team here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville is ready to help you with all of your water damage issues, as well as damage from fire. We are mold remediation specialists, too!


8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Renovations can save you time and money in the long run.

If it’s been a few years since you made any improvements to your apartment complex, let’s talk about getting started. You will want to complete your projects before your property becomes run-down or seriously dated. Wise renovations can also save you time and money in the long run, so with that in mind we are sharing some ideas today to inspire you:

  • Energy. We all have the environment on our minds these days, and when you plan your apartment complex renovation, you will want to think about becoming more energy-efficient and earth-friendly on your property and grounds. Installing solar panels, adding top-grade windows and doors, and using environmentally-responsible products such as siding, paint, and trim are all things to consider. 
  • Community. Creating or enhancing your community areas is a great way to bring your complex to another level. Providing social areas, such as fire pits, barbecue/outdoor kitchen areas, and yoga spaces are a great addition to any living area. If your apartment complex already boasts communal spots, make sure they are attractive and comfortable, with landscaping and natural touches that encourage your tenants to be outdoors and enjoy. 
  • New Palette. If it’s time for paint, consider newer palettes. Color isn’t a bad idea today, and moving away from dull gray and beige will be a nice touch. Take a look at what’s out there and be creative. 
  • Lighting. Make sure all areas are well-lit for safety. Your tenants will appreciate being able to move about the property without fear. 
  • Security. If you haven’t already, install security cameras in strategic spots around your grounds. Doorbell cameras will also allow your tenants to see who’s come knocking, lowering the chance of a home invasion. Complete regular inspections of doors and windows and all the lock devices in each unit to prevent break-ins. Your apartment complex will thrive as a safe place to live if you consistently invest in your tenants’ safety.

When it comes to your apartment complex, we know you want it to be the best it can be. It’s just good business. The team here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade / West Nashville is always ready to help with all your renovation needs.


7/23/2019 (Permalink)

Restoring commercial spaces often requires expertise.

Restoration projects for your business are going to be quite different than those you consider for your home. Your business projects will require the expertise that is necessary to deal with machinery and other specialized business equipment, so you will have to work with professionals—preferably professionals that work with a company that has a reputation for responding quickly if you experience a disaster event, such as flood, fire, or heavy weather-related issues. Every hour spent cleaning up your commercial property after a disaster is an hour lost when it comes to revenue and productivity, and it’s just good business to work with the best and the fastest in the restoration field. 

SERVPRO is just such a company. Nationwide, we have handled large commercial loss for many types of clients, which include:

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Property Managers
  • Universities
  • Municipalities 
  • The Pentagon

We are proud to handle smaller situations, too. Our Nashville neighbors can always count on us! Whether you own a manufacturing business, an apartment complex, or a sales warehouse and showroom, we can be onsite to assist you with any restoration project quickly and get the job done correctly. 

When it comes to your business, you may face restoration projects at times that will include:

  • Flood Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Inclement Weather Damage
  • Damage from Equipment Failure
  • Damage from Vandalism
  • Damage from Accidents 
  • Damage due to Aging of Property

These types of restoration projects are ones that we unfortunately see often in the commercial business world, but we are trained and ready to help, 24/7.

Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade / West Nashville, we are experts in restoration for businesses that experience a fire event, flooding or violent weather. We are also industry experts in mold prevention and remediation. Call us today for assistance with your commercial restoration projects. 


7/2/2019 (Permalink)

The presence of dirt, dust, allergens, pet dander, and other unhealthy contaminants in your hotel will build up over time, constantly circulated by your HVAC system, and then will be inhaled by your staff and guests. Older buildings also pose the risk of exposure to asbestos fibers and lead dust, along with other pathogens. Thorough, regular, and professional cleaning for your hotel is going to be an important factor in keeping your indoor air fresh, clean, and healthy. 

Carpet, area rugs, drapes, blinds, and upholstered furniture all attract dust and dirt. These must be regularly cleaned to avoid buildup by removing ingrained dirt and dust, and deep stains in the fibers. Beyond making your hotel premises appear dingy, motions and impacts release contaminants into the air, adding to the problem.

The furniture, carpets, drapes, and blinds in your hotel are a major business investment. Without regular deep cleanings performed with professional equipment and procedures, they will begin to deteriorate. Carpet, upholstery, and drape fabric fibers break down, and blinds lose their smooth surface. You can help preserve the longevity of these valuable items with a regularly scheduled cleaning. 

No matter how often or how carefully your staff mops, scrubs, and vacuums, dust and dirt are difficult to remove from corners, baseboards, and where the walls meet the floor. For a thorough cleaning, a professional cleaning company will have all the skills and equipment to make it happen.

Dust is made up of many different tiny particles, including dirt, animal dander, insect waste, pollen, textile and paper fibers, and animal feces. Rather than having these contaminants circulating in your hotel air, have all dust removed from the premises, including from blinds, drapes, carpets, and upholstery, by scheduling regular cleaning. 

The SERVPRO professionals are familiar with cleaning every type of blind, including vinyl, aluminum, plantation, shutter, wood, roller shades, cellular shades, or custom blinds. We also are trained to handle all types of window dressing or curtain, and from the take down to the re-installation of all your hotel window treatments, you can rest assured that we will get the job done in a timely and professional manner. 

As a hotel owner, you may have invested in quality carpet, Persian area rugs, or have carpeting or area rugs crafted from special fibers and dyes. The wrong cleaning process can be a disaster for these items. Keeping valuable carpeting and area rugs free from ingrained dirt, dust, and animal dander helps to prolong life and keep the fibers from deteriorating. 

Every place of business needs ongoing deep cleaning, with regular more extensive services, and your hotel is no exception. Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade / West Nashville, our full-service approach can make your life easier.


6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Maintaining clean carpets can be one of the most difficult parts of rental living, and as an apartment complex owner, you are well aware of this. The carpets in your complex will be closely examined when your units are inspected by prospective tenants, and any signs of wear or damage will often be a deal-breaker.

There are some inexpensive steps that can help to protect carpets, and you can share these tips with your current tenants, which will help them live more comfortably while they rent from you.

  • Documentation.  Before any tenant moves in, make sure all existing stains, damage and wear is documented by examining the entire unit. Don’t forget closets and other storage areas, and make sure notation is made and photos are taken. If the prior tenant had children or pets (or both), use a blacklight for those hard-to-see stains. This inspection will be proof of the original state of the carpeting, so be detailed and thorough.
  • High Traffic Area Protection. General day-to-day living will cause carpet wear, and that’s just reality. Encourage your tenants to protect high-traffic areas in their unit by letting them know that removing shoes before entry is one of the best ways to control carpet breakdown. You may even decide to install shoe organizers in each unit to make it easier for your tenants, allowing them to keep entrance ways organized and clean and encouraging everyone to stop tracking dirt down the hallways. Inexpensive mat runners can be laid down in these areas for added protection and a decorative factor, too.  
  • Accidents. Direct your tenants to do what they can to protect the carpet before a potential problem arises to avoid accidental damage, such as during painting or other decorative projects, or perhaps for parties and in areas that children use regularly. Throwing down a tarp or area rugs can go a long way towards protecting apartment complex carpeting. Even if your tenants are tidy, accidents happen.  
  • Regular Maintenance. One of the best ways to keep carpets in good shape is to practice regular maintenance. Give your tenants a list of the best cleaning practices and agents for them to use, and update them regularly with tips for carpet care, as well as for other items in their unit. Most apartment complexes have a community website these days, so a weekly blog or newsletter can help keep people on top of the latest cleaning tips.
  • Professional Cleaning. As a good business move, as well as a service to your tenants, regular professional cleaning of your apartment complex carpets will help to keep all your flooring in great condition and extend the life of each unit’s carpet. It may seem like a big expense, but if done regularly it can help save you the much bigger expense of replacing carpet sooner than might otherwise be necessary.
  • Pets. If your apartment complex allows pets, make sure that pets are fully house-trained.

You might want to institute fines if stains or considerable wear-and-tear are evident in your apartment complex units due to tenant negligence. It might sound harsh, but replacing carpets often is expensive and will lead to higher rental fees in the future.

Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade / West Nashville, we can help if your flooring sustains damage from water or fire. We are also mold remediation experts. Call us today!

Odor Removal In Your Apartment Complex

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

As the owner of an apartment complex, you are familiar with the handling of odor issues. When there are lots of people living close to one another, there are bound to be situations that arise that create unpleasant, and sometimes overpowering, odors. Many times they are easily dealt with by opening doors and windows, allowing spaces to air out, such as unpleasant cooking smells, for example. If a tenant has had a leak or small flood in their unit and wet carpeting is causing a bad odor, the carpet can always be professionally dried and cleaned if necessary. It may even require the removal and replacement of the carpeting (and it might be time to consider renovation of all units to wood or linoleum floors to alleviate this kind of issue in the future). Whatever you decide, you’ll need to get carpeting dried as soon as possible, completely and thoroughly, because we all know what comes next in a damp environment: Mold, along with all its odors and unhealthy aspects.

Sometimes an odor event is just too big, and you know it is going to require professional help;  that’s where SERVPRO of Belle Meade / West Nashville comes in. We are experts in deodorization, and our team is trained to identify and eliminate offensive odors by determining the conditions that are causing the issue. Many times, the problem can be removed without a trace, given a little time.

SERVPRO teaches IICRC technical classes for our crew members on the proper removal of odors, and our team members know that simply masking them or using shortcuts just won’t work when it comes to a serious and persistent problem.

The science of identifying and eliminating odors can be tricky, so give SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville a call and leave the restoration to us! We are here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are experts when it comes to mold prevention and remediation and damage from fire or water, and we are proud to serve the homeowners and entrepreneurs of Music City. Call us today!


5/21/2019 (Permalink)

You know that flooding, fire, and extreme weather can happen to a business at any time, and the structures and contents can easily be negatively affected. Staff can become injured or find themselves in dangerous situations, and these are scenarios you will want to be able to prevent or be ready for. You probably have an emergency preparedness plan in place, but when is the last time you looked it over? Updating your business emergency plan is a smart thing to do on a regular basis so that you will always be prepared:

  • PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE. Make sure that all areas around your buildings are kept free from flammable materials and that landscaping is trimmed well on a regular basis to prevent fires from spreading if they occur. If you have replaced doors or windows lately, don’t just assume that they are properly sealed. Parking and entrance/exit areas need to always be clear and safe, in case of a disaster. Your emergency plan should include steps that need to be taken ahead of time that will lessen the effect a disaster could have. If there is heavy rainfall during inclement weather, or if the building is near a body of water such as a lake or river, low-lying spaces are going to be in danger. Keeping these areas in good repair before a flooding event occurs will go a long way towards avoiding bigger issues.
  • EVACUATION INFORMATION. State law requires that you post an evacuation plan in a visible place for your staff and customers, and this needs to be up-to-date, with any floor plan or grounds changes noted.  Make sure that your employees understand it and know how to carefully guide clientele to safe areas should a disaster occur.
  • CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION. Update your phone and email contact info monthly, so that all employees can be effectively alerted to important information whether they are at work or at home, should a disaster event occur.

Our team here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville is ready to help with water and fire damage, and we are proud to be mold remediation experts. Our professional damage restoration company is an important and welcome resource during tough times; we are able to complete all necessary repairs in a timely and efficient manner as well as keep you and your workforce out of harm’s way.


4/30/2019 (Permalink)

As a Middle Tennessee business owner, you are no stranger to extreme weather. From heavy rainstorms and thunderstorms to extreme heat and tornadoes, you’ve come to expect it. High temperatures paired with humid conditions will create an environment that is right for mold to establish itself in your commercial property. Mold will thrive in dark, moist and unventilated places such as closets, warehouses, and office storage. The best way to stay on top of a mold issue is to do regular inspections of your property for the sights and scents that spell trouble.

You will want to take a look around a day or two after extremely wet weather during the warmer months. Move machinery and office equipment, and look at the places where the walls join the floor and in the corners. Check out the ceiling closely, and if the lighting is bad, this is a great time to schedule an upgrade of your interior lighting. Regular inspections can also keep you informed as to whether your roofing or walls have experienced any kind of damage that can result in leaks - another way for a mold colony to get started.

The best way to handle mold is to use preventive measures in the first place. Here are a few ideas that can help:

  • Keep all workspaces well-ventilated
  • Use a dehumidifier, especially during the more humid months
  • Make sure exterior doors are properly sealed
  • Organize all stored items on shelves, using the floor and walls as little as possible
  • Don’t keep cardboard in storage areas
  • Remove any standing water immediately and dry area completely
  • Trim back shrubs and plants near structures, not allowing overgrowth

If you suspect that your home or business has developed a mold problem, SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville is standing by to help! We are also experienced in cleanup after water and fire damage. Give us a call!


4/3/2019 (Permalink)

Travel season is upon us, and you will want your hotel to shine! You’ve spent the money to ensure your online presence makes a good impression with excellent photos and descriptive copy, and you want your guests to continue to be impressed when they arrive for their stay.

Today we are sharing some cleaning tips to spruce up your hotel for summer vacation:

Green stuff. After a hard winter, your landscaping is probably needing a facelift. Replace any plants or trees that look like they won’t recover, and trim back everything that is left - dead branches are dangerous as well as unsightly. Plant new flowers and bushes, and maybe add pots of small trees or other vegetation around your property, too. Using indigenous species is always a good idea since they cost less money in water and maintenance, and they won’t harm the environment.

Curb appeal. Pressure washing will get rid of the debris, dust, and cobwebs that accumulate during the months when everyone is indoors and brighten up the exterior of your buildings considerably. Employ professionals to come and wash your windows, sliding doors, and other glass viewing areas, as well, and let the sunshine in!

Flooring. Whether you have carpet or faux wood flooring, they probably could use a deep clean after months of wet weather. Your professional cleaning company can get the job done in record time and leave your hotel flooring looking brand new. If there are any lingering musty odors in your halls or rooms, a good floor cleaning can often remove it.

Bathrooms. Deep cleaning your hotel bathrooms is a great idea, and one that brings you immediate benefits by pleasing your guests. Your housekeeping staff is well-trained and does a great job with upkeep, but a deep clean for each space returns it to its original shine.

Walls and doors. Washing walls, doors, and other surfaces will lend your hotel the look of a fresh paint job without the expense. Over time, these surfaces get dirty, but since it happens in weeks, months, and even years, we don’t notice. But our guests will! Dingy walls and doors make your hotel look like no one cares, and that will drive your customers away.

Sprucing up your hotel will bring you repeat customers. Call us here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville, and let’s get your project started. We handle damages from water and fire, as well as mold remediation.


3/26/2019 (Permalink)

The warmer months are finally just around the corner. Finally! And this is always the time of year that we all consider changes and upgrades to help us start fresh. You will want your business to reflect the upbeat mood of Spring with fresh and clean surroundings and atmosphere; it is a great way for your business to be inviting to your clients, customers, and workforce, too.

Here are some spring-cleaning tips for your business:

The Professionals. Any type of commercial cleaning project needs professional assistance. Connect with area services that are well-established and highly respected. Those reviews on social media platforms can actually be a big help here. These companies will come right to you, and they will make sure that your spring cleaning is done right by following your instructions precisely.

Going green. Using green products is always a good idea. These products aren’t composed of harsh chemicals, so there is no danger of negative reactions to your working environment and those with sensitivities. There are a wide variety of environmentally friendly cleaning items these days, and your customers will be happy to know that you are going green, too.

A weather eye. Whenever you plan any seasonal job, always keep an eye on the weather. It can change at the drop of a hat sometimes, making your project difficult or impossible. When you are scheduling spring cleaning services for your business, select alternate days or a full range to allow for a change of plans. Extreme temperatures can have a negative effect on some products, as well.

Working together. Every member of your team has something valuable to add. When planning for the spring cleaning of your business, ask for input from everyone. Perhaps there is something they have noticed that needs attention that has escaped you, or maybe they have a perspective on how to streamline the process that will help you avoid work disruptions. Teamwork will help any project get done faster and more efficiently, and a cleaning job is no exception!

Contact us here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville and let us be a part of YOUR team to help you with your business spring cleaning.


3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Winter is just about to end, and with Spring right around the corner, every commercial business owner will have a completely new set of cleaning projects to think about due to seasonal weather. Now is a great time to complete some of your top commercial Spring cleaning projects that will help get your business ready for the coming busier season. Here are two top projects:

    • Interiors. With more sunlight coming in your interior windows, you will see areas that need to be touched up. Deep cleaning, as well as refreshing touches by painting and other aesthetic maintenance, will help your business look its best. Some areas in your interior spaces that will need attention this Spring include:
      • Flooring
      • Windows/Mirrors
      • Bathrooms/Kitchens
      • Entryways
  • Exteriors.
    • Landscaping/Parking. Your landscaping will probably need attention after a rough winter, and a fresh paint job will be a big improvement, too. Clear out brush and trash that was blown onto your property by winter winds and engage a professional company to come and clean your parking areas.
    • Warehousing/Storage. These outlying areas could probably use a refresh after winter, too. Take a good look at them and take steps to help them look their best.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider those commercial cleaning projects for your workspaces:

Professional help. Any kind of commercial cleaning needs professional help. Professionals make the job easier. Research businesses with a local history and lots of positive reviews. A reputable company will make that sure your Spring cleaning projects are done right by following your precise instructions and making your business shine.

Going green. An important factor these days to consider is the well-being of the environment. Using environmentally sound products has a lot of advantages. Products that aren't made from harsh chemicals can help without the potential for allergic reactions from those who come in contact with them. New products on the market today make it easier than ever to get the results that you and your customers are sure to love.

Team effort. It helps to enlist the assistance of other members of your team when planning seasonal cleaning. Together, you can determine the best dates for the cleaning. You can also talk about the kind of cleaning that will need to be done in individual spaces.

The team here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade / West Nashville is committed to assisting business and commercial property owners with all their Spring cleaning projects and endeavors.

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance in Your Business

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

Proper maintenance of the HVAC systems in your business will save you both time and money. When temperatures drop, you can trust a well-maintained system to keep your interiors warm and dry, and that will protect your business investment. On the other hand, when your HVAC is not functioning properly due to a lack of maintenance, the damp and cold that can result will wreak havoc on machinery and equipment and even create an unhealthy working environment that can leave you with sick employees who can’t come in to complete their tasks. That’s when a business owner will lose both time and money. Don’t make that mistake!

Here are some things you can do yourself as a commercial business owner both monthly and seasonally to maintain and prolong the life and efficiency of all your units and systems between professional maintenance visits:

  • Use high-efficiency filters. These types of filters have an electrostatic charge that works like a magnet to attract particles, such as those that carry bacteria.
  • Keep HVAC units free of grass, leaves, and pollen. Make sure landscaping companies don’t allow grass to shower on top of any exterior units on the grounds.
  • Clear two feet of space around all outdoor heating and cooling units.
  • Inspect refrigerant lines each month.
  • Replace air filter at least every 90 days.
  • In summer, turn off the water to the furnace humidifier.
  • In fall, replace the humidifier filter and turn on the water.
  • Replace your carbon monoxide detector battery.
  • Ensure outdoor AC unit is on firm and level ground.
  • Clean AC condensate drain with bleach/water mixture.

Have your professional maintenance company check all your ductwork to make sure it’s sealed properly when they come to tune-up your HVAC. For more energy savings, you can also pre-program the thermostats in your building.

Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville. your business is our business, and we are here to help you with all your HVAC needs and more. We are proud to serve the West Nashville and Belle Meade areas of Nashville.

HVAC Maintenance in Your Apartment Complex

1/1/2019 (Permalink)

For the care of your HVAC systems in your apartment complex or commercial buildings, engaging a professional HVAC company to do maintenance on your system at regular intervals throughout the year will ensure that the heating and cooling of your property is running as efficiently as possible. Inspection and cleaning of the wiring and mechanisms of all your HVAC units will be completed, which requires the kind of training these professionals have. The experience and expertise of such a company are invaluable to any business owner since the comfort of all interiors and the energy efficiency of the buildings themselves are important to everyone: residents, tenants, and owner.

Here are some things you can do yourself as an apartment complex or commercial business owner both monthly and seasonally to maintain and prolong the life and efficiency of all your units and systems in between professional maintenance visits:

  • Use pleated, high-efficiency filters: These types of filters have an electrostatic charge that works like a magnet to attract particles, including those that carry bacteria.
  • Keep HVAC units free of grass, leaves, and pollen; make sure your landscaping company doesn’t allow grass to shower on top of any exterior units on the grounds.
  • Clear two feet of space around all outdoor heating and cooling units.
  • Inspect refrigerant lines each month.
  • Replace air filter at least every 90 days.
  • In summer, turn off the water to the furnace humidifier.
  • In fall, replace the humidifier filter and turn on the water.
  • Replace your carbon monoxide detector battery.
  • Ensure outdoor AC unit is on firm and level ground.
  • Clean AC condensate drain with bleach/water mixture.

Have your professional maintenance company check all your apartment complex ductwork to make sure it is all sealed properly during scheduled tune-ups on your HVAC systems. For more energy savings, pre-program the thermostats in your onsite offices.

Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade West Nashville, we care about you and your business. When it comes to maintaining the HVAC systems in your apartment complex or commercial buildings, we are here to help.

Why Your Business Should Have an ERP

8/28/2018 (Permalink)

Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” It’s advice that can easily apply to a business. Water damage, fire damage, storm damage and other disasters can ravage corporations. A staggering 50 percent of these companies are too crippled to reopen. So how are the other 50 percent able to rebound? They have a readiness plan.

An ERP (Emergency Readiness Plan) is a method of planning for emergencies long before they occur. It’s a carefully devised, well-rehearsed strategy that guides you and your employees to take decisive action during a catastrophe. Here are some things to consider while putting your ERP into place:


Encourage your employees to formulate as many disaster scenarios as they can. One of the worst calamities in the US occurred in the 2010 flood in Nashville, Tennessee, when the city was deluged by 13.57 inches of rain within 36 hours (an event I’m sure you all remember quite well). Studying such tragedies can help you more effectively plot possible situations.


It is necessary to create an ERP that protects anyone in the building. The Department of Homeland Security refers to this as “Protective Actions for Life Safety,” including:

  • Fire Drills -- Rehearsals for action during a fire.
  • Sheltering -- Sheltering staff during a natural disaster.
  • Sheltering in Place -- Sheltering staff during a man-made emergency.
  • Lockdown -- Eluding an active shooter.


Stabilizing an incident means preventing further damage on the scene. This can be accomplished by training your employees in various rescue procedures including:

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Proper Use of Fire Extinguishers


Without guidance during an evacuation, people may blindly panic. Consider adding an evacuation team to your ERP:

  • Assign employees to guide evacuees out of the building.
  • Appoint helpers to assist persons with disabilities.
  • If an exit is blocked by a hazard such as a collapsed ceiling, make sure the evacuation team is trained to redirect employees to an alternate exit.

SERVPRO of Belle Meade / West Nashville, is a fast, reliable, proactive provider of emergency cleaning and restoration services for fire and water damage. SERVPRO can expertly help you devise an effective Emergency Readiness Plan for your business in the West Nashville area.

The SERVPRO Ready Plan information will give you the security of emergency preparedness. The information can be downloaded into the Ready Plan app to instantly share with SERVPRO, so that the damage can be intercepted. We’ll make it “like it never happened.”

The Commercial Resources SERVPRO Has to Offer

8/21/2018 (Permalink)

When looking for cleanup for your business, we at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville can help with our commercial resources. Whether it is cleanup after a disaster or mold remediation, we help West Nashville businesses get back to conducting business as usual, as fast as possible. Nobody likes a disaster of any kind, and we are here to help you through it.

Lost time in cleanup for water or fire damage is better spent in your doing productive work for increased business opportunities. As professionals in the Nashville area, we are nearby and ready to help with disaster cleanup. Our expertise can help you through our extensive commercial resources:

Water Damage Restoration

Flooding and water damage seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. We know that and can help you get back to work with our:

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Highly trained water damage specialists
  • Restoration know-how

No matter the location of the water damage, whether in a small office building or big box store, SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville will respond quickly to mitigate the damage and manage the restoration project through to its completion to ensure your business is up and running again as quickly as possible. Our technicians have the training and certifications they need to handle your restoration needs, no matter the size.

Fire Damage Restoration

Lost productivity is the biggest result of fire and smoke damage. With firefighting systems, water damage may also occur from water used. As a trusted leader in fire and water damage restoration, SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville knows the ins and outs of fire damage and the extra damage that can come with it and are well-equipped to handle it, including:

  • Fire and Smoke Restoration
  • Odor Control
  • Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning
  • Water Damage Restoration

Mold Remediation

Because mold, whether from a leak or plumbing, can cause serious problems and health risks to those who enter your business, give us a call at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville to discuss how we can manage it as we work fast to address the mold. We work fast to contain the mold growth and prevent it from spreading further. Our technicians are well-trained, including:

  • Applied Microbial Remediation Specialists
  • Water Damage Restoration Technicians
  • Applied Structural Drying Technicians

Cleaning Service

We address everyday soil and grime that are beyond the scope of your janitorial staff.

Storm and Major Events

Whether you need our elite large-loss specialists who work with the hospitality industry, universities and property managers, or you have damage from a storm, wind and rain, we can help. With our 24-hour emergency service, we will be there quickly to assess and fix the damage. Moreover, we work with your insurance to make the process as seamless as possible.

Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville, we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise necessary to help you with any mold damage or preventive practices. We are also available for cleanup after fire and water damage. Call us today at (615) 242-9391, or visit our website: SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville

The Benefits of a Partnership with a Cleaning Company

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

Keeping your office and warehousing spaces clean can be a real job, along with all your other concerns and business demands. As a smaller operation, you can often enlist the help of employees to do routine cleaning and maintenance, but sometimes a worker doesn’t have the physical capabilities for this type of task, or perhaps he or she is just too busy doing their actual job! That is always a good thing for you as a business owner but also makes it necessary to find another cleaning solution.

A partnership with a cleaning company can solve this type of situation, and there are many benefits to an agreement like this.

First and foremost, they can be available 24 hours a day, so in addition to scheduled cleaning projects such as break areas, bathrooms, lobby and waiting rooms, etc., they can be called in for the big projects. These can include overnight stripping and waxing floors, clean up after water damage, or even mold remediation!

In addition, you can expect their staff to be fully trained, which will alleviate the issue of having to instruct someone on how to take care of a cleaning project. You can be sure that the proper products and equipment will be used, and the correct personal protection will be employed. The work will be guaranteed as well, so if your offices don’t look quite the way you want them after the company has been there, they can be asked to come back and make sure you are satisfied.

Contracting a cleaning company means there is one less thing for you to concern yourself with. When you unlock the doors in the morning, the entryway will sparkle, the desks, chairs, and other equipment will be neat and orderly, with no dust in sight. No more dingy corners or musty artwork in the waiting areas, no more lingering odors in the bathroom and break room. The microwave will never be an unpleasant surprise again, and the kitchen floor won’t be slippery from yesterday’s lunch hour. What’s not to like?

Call us today here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville and set up a time to discuss all your options. We are experts in the area of cleanups, both large and small, and water and fire damage projects are our specialty. We also handle mold remediation. Visit our website: SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville, or call us: (615) 242-9391.


5/29/2018 (Permalink)

Your restaurant’s nightly checklist has to be followed to the letter in order to keep your business in great shape and ready for the next business day. Every item has to be thoroughly washed and sparkling clean on a daily basis; the kitchen flooring, stovetops and ovens, utensils, pots and coffee makers…. And then there’s the front of house - bathrooms, host stand, and bar area with all your glassware that needs attention. But you and your team have it all handled, every day.

Flooring in a busy restaurant can be a challenge, as well. Many eateries choose to install hardwood floors, which have to be treated regularly to avoid damage from high heels, spills, and scratches from table and chair movement.

Perhaps, however, your establishment has carpeting. A nightly vacuum and spot cleaning will go a long way towards preventing potential mold growth and other issues that can cause unpleasant odors, but your carpeting will still need a regular deep cleaning to keep floors looking the way you want them to. With carpeting, spills on carpeting don’t come up quite as easily or as completely as those on hardwood flooring, and a carpet in need of deep cleaning can look dull and worn, with the colors no longer as bright and fresh; that can reflect negatively on your guest’s experience. Make sure a deep cleaning is on your cleaning checklist!

Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville, we are equipped to handle the toughest carpet cleaning jobs. Our business is experienced with cleanups from fire and water damage in both homes and large commercial enterprises, and mold remediation is one of our specialties! Call us today at (615) 913 4280. You can also visit our website: SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville


5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Those shows about failing businesses and restaurants are often entertaining and even humorous, at least to us as viewers. But they also highlight an essential detail that businesses sometimes overlook: a clean work area. That might not sound like a big deal, but a clean business sends a powerful message to staff and customers alike.

Listed here are some of the benefits of prioritizing workplace cleanliness:

  • It reduces the need to replace supplies and equipment as often. When dirt and grime are left to build up, they will cause unnecessary wear-and-tear on your office equipment. The keys on your PC keyboard can get sticky, which necessitates a call to IT. Flooring can become stained and unkempt, and office furniture left uncared for is unsightly, sending the wrong message to everyone. Regular cleaning and maintenance will save you costly replacements of these items. SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville specializes in all areas of commercial cleaning and restoration.
  • It can help you find and fix damages before they becomes a problem. Regular deep cleaning can help you catch problems you might not notice otherwise and keep you looking good while doing it. You will see the signs of water damage and mold growth much more quickly, and as we all know, damage from leaks are much easier to deal with at the beginning of the issue. The longer damage from a water leak goes on, the higher the costs for repairs are going to be. Taking care of mold is also important for the health of your workforce. Mold spores can often be toxic, and its presence can be a health code violation. SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville  is your Nashville area specialist for mold remediation.
  • It can help employees avoid illnesses and positively affect morale. A dirty working environment can encourage the accumulation of bacteria and viruses, which will adversely affect your employees. Clutter and grime also make it difficult to concentrate and has been proven to cause stress, especially for those people who are highly sensitive to uncomfortable surroundings. When your workers are happy and productive, your customers and clients will know it, and an atmosphere of positivity will affect your business by encouraging repeat sales and referrals.
  • It gives your business an image and reputation of trustworthiness. If your business looks like a mess, most people will assume it’s failing; how can they trust you to care about their concerns if you don’t care about your own? Water-stained walls, unkempt furniture and machinery, dusty light fixtures; all these things will give your prospective customers the idea that you are not a careful proprietor. Not the best way to get people to come back!

Call us here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville for help with all your commercial cleaning needs. We are experienced in cleanup after water and fire damage, and mold remediation is one of our specialties! Our phone number is: (615) 651-6557, or you can visit our website: SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville


4/10/2018 (Permalink)

Organizing an office is time consuming, and you might be tempted to put it off. If you consider how much disorganization can cost you in the long run, you might reconsider!

Knowing where things are and being able to find them right away will save you and your staff minutes wasted locating vital information or objects, and minutes turn into hours.

An office organization project doesn’t have to happen all at once; it can be done a little at a time. It might even be more effective if you go slowly and give it a lot of thought using everyone’s input. Let your staff help you decide where things should go, and what would work best for them as they go through their day. This will positively affect the productivity of the entire office and create content workers who can find what they need in a manner that makes the most sense to their workflow.

 Here are some helpful tips:

  • Purge! Shred, empty, and get rid of everything you don’t really need. Take a good look around and identify those items you haven’t used in at least six months. Your archived records need to be kept, of course, but for how long? If you haven’t already, set up an archive schedule that allows for discarding records that are older than you need them to be. If anything isn’t in working order, and it can’t be fixed in a timely manner, throw it away. Encourage your staff to minimize their desktop knickknack collections; if they can’t find time to dust everything weekly, then some things will have to go!
  • Pick it up! Gather up items around the office that aren’t where they should be and put them away.
  • Zones! Determine the type of work that happens in each area of your office. From the main workspace to the reference area, supply area, make sure that the appropriate supplies and equipment are being kept in the places that make the most sense. Those items that are used the most should be within reach if at all possible.
  • Labels! Get a label maker, and label bins, baskets, shelves - so everyone knows where things belong. This will help with the daily pickup that needs to be done to keep an office organized.
  • Filing! Can your filing system be revised and become more digital than it has been? Are you duplicating your documents? You may be able to eliminate a lot of confusion if you can get rid of paper files beyond a certain time frame that you will establish.
  • Desks! Organize your own desk: the top, the drawers, underneath - everywhere that you have stored things. Make sure you can get to what you need quickly on a daily basis so that you aren’t wasting company time digging through junk. Use trays for a neater desktop paper system; even if you know where things are, on a sick day the person filling in will have no idea unless it is clearly designated, and time is wasted, once again.

Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville, we are standing ready to help with your large cleanup needs such as water damage or fire damage, and we are mold remediation experts! Call us at (615) 913 4280, or visit our website: SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville

Keeping Your Belle Meade Hotel’s Carpet Clean

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

A busy hotel in Belle Meade is something to brag about! A high occupancy rate means you are doing something right, and it shows.

With lots of guests come lots of maintenance challenges, too. High traffic means more damage in those areas guests visit most often, and no area of your hotel sees more traffic than the flooring.

An expensive carpeting can last longer and be more cost efficient in the long run as well as being manufactured to handle high traffic situations much better, repelling heavy soiling and bad odors from wet, icy, or muddy conditions. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for; it may actually save you money spent on carpet maintenance when you invest in higher quality flooring.

There are a lot of great products on the market that you can use to help guard your carpets against damages and odors caused by spills and flooding from bathrooms, like overflowing toilets or broken piping. These products can also keep your carpets looking fresh even after all those shoes have come through.

Make sure the housekeeping staff is vacuuming thoroughly on a daily basis. Instruct them to take care of corners and edging; dingy corners and edges of carpeted areas can make an entire room look and smell unpleasant from potential mold growth if not maintained well. Your cleaning staff also needs to be trained and encouraged to communicate with you and your management team whenever they see (or smell) a problem - mold can take hold quickly, and once it’s established and beginning to spread, it can be difficult to get rid of.

A regularly scheduled professional deep cleaning of your carpets throughout your establishment can help to keep your whole Brunswick hotel looking and smelling great, and deep cleaning can preserve carpeting, helping to preserve the condition and look of your flooring, and saving you money.

SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville is experienced in those big cleaning jobs, and we are here to help with any emergency restoration services, such as fire or flood cleanup. Call us at (615) 913 4280, or visit our website: SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville

Preparing Your Belle Meade Business for Spring Showers and Water Damage

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

Rain, rain, go away. We all know the months are coming when we will start to think of these words to that childhood song. Rain is necessary to nourish flowers and trees, and that’s great! But sometimes all that water can cause damage to your home or business.

Is your Belle Meade business ready? Let’s talk about ways to prepare.

  • Take a look at rain gutters. Clogged gutters will cause rainwater to backup, damaging your roof and walls.
  • Do a roof inspection. Are any shingles loose or damaged? Replace any that could be an issue to protect attic or work space from water damage.
  • Check interior walls and ceilings for signs of water damage; this could be an indication of roof leaks.
  • Trim any trees and bushes next to your Belle Meade business. Be sure to cut back branches that could become waterlogged and break off, damaging property.
  • Ensure that all doors and windows are secure, and that weatherstripping is in good condition.
  • Look for water collecting around the foundation of your Belle Meade business, and take steps to redirect it, if needed, to avoid water damage.
  • If your business is located near flooding areas, stockpiling sandbags to protect your property and parking areas would be a good idea.
  • Any erosion on your property will need to be handled before the rains come so that your business won’t suffer from mudslides.
  • Make sure the city drains near your business are clear of debris and earth. Call the Belle Meade Public Works Department if you think there may be an issue.

Preparedness in the event of any kind of extreme weather is always a good idea, to protect your business and property from loss and damage. Taking the time to assess your situation and thinking ahead about what may come is a good way to keep your investment secure.

Call our team at SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville anytime, whether you need assistance with water damage, fire damage or mold prevention. Visit our website at: SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville or call us at (615) 358 0603. Be safe!

Make Your Office Smell Good but Not Overpowering

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

Does your office or place of business need freshening? Our deodorization services can help with that!

We notice if something smells particularly bad or particularly good, but average smells don't usually generate a lot of notice. However, scent can actually affect your mood, for better or worse. That's why it's important to ensure that your office smells good, but not overpowering.

Deodorization and Odor Removal

The first step to making an office smell good is to sniff out the source of any negative odors. This can be surprisingly difficult, as the culprit might be hiding in the walls, ceiling, or floor. Here at SERVPRO of Belle Meade / West Nashville, we're pros at finding and eliminating the source of any negative odors.

Once we've determined what's causing an unpleasant odor in your office space, we use industry-leading deodorization methods to target and remove both the negative odor and its source.

Adding in Positive Scents

While removing an odor can make a huge difference in the smell of a space and on employees' moods, it often isn't enough. Olfactory bulbs, which are the parts of our body that process scents, have a direct effect on the parts of the brain which process emotion and learning. This means that adding positive scents to the office can make working there an incredibly pleasant experience, and can also function to improve productivity!

Scents proven to increase mood and focus are:

Lemon, Jasmine, Rosemary, Peppermint

  • Lemon can promote concentration and produce calming effects. It also contains natural antibacterial properties, which can be a lifesaver for offices!
  • Jasmine has been shown to lift your mood by producing feelings of confidence and increasing optimism and energy.
  • Rosemary helps to improve focus and clarity as well as fighting physical tiredness – great effects for a workplace to have.
  • Peppermint increases concentration, focus, and acts as an energy booster to help you come up with brilliant ideas.

Just be careful not to overdo any aromatherapy, as too much scent in the workplace can cause productivity to drop or irritate allergies.

If you have a need for odor removal or deodorization services in the Nashville area, SERVPRO of Belle Meade / West Nashville has the technical experience, know-how, and professional savvy to make your office smell brand new again. Contact us today to see how we can help your business smell its best!

3 Tips to Keep Your Construction Site Clean

8/18/2017 (Permalink)

Keep your construction site clean and safe!

A dirty and disorganized construction site will not only make for an eyesore but will also present serious health and safety risks to workers, supervisors, and anyone who visits the site. With the huge volumes of waste that accumulate during and after a construction project, cleaning as well as managing and disposing of waste is likely to present a major challenge. To ensure that the project is completed within the set time-frame and avoid unnecessary complications, you should consider following these tips to keep your construction site clean.

Have clean-up tasks regularly

With the different materials used in construction sites, it would be important to separate the scrap material. Materials such as concrete, metals, and wood can be piled up in an organized manner before being recycled. You should also identify effective and safe ways of disposing of materials that are not recyclable.

To ensure that cleanup tasks are carried out on a regular basis, specific tasks should be assigned to individual workers. This will help to hold each worker to account at the end of the cleaning exercise. For better services, you should consider hiring commercial cleaning services.

Place trash cans on site

Having trash cans and dumpsters on the site will make it easy for you and the construction workers to manage waste. In case there are smaller scraps that cannot be categorized in any specific pile, the trash cans will hold them until the designated time for getting rid of waste. Workers at the site will also have a place to place any wrappings, bags, and containers after eating or drinking various products. In the end, you will have a clean construction site that promotes the health and safety of all workers and visitors.

Choose a responsible contractor

Any responsible and professional construction contractor understands the importance of keeping a construction site clean. Such a contractor will be aware of the various Nashville laws relating to environmental conservation. This is why you should shop around before settling on a contractor of your choice. Contractors who have been in business for a number of years will have the experience needed to maintain a clean construction site. This will ensure that they educate everyone at the site on the importance and effective ways of promoting a clean and safe working environment.

With these simple tips, you will create a safer and more productive work environment. This will go a long way in helping you to avoid expensive lawsuits and claim settlements. Hiring SERVPRO of Belle Meade will help you reduce the chances of delays and budget overruns.

Freshen Up Your Restaurant This Spring

3/11/2017 (Permalink)

Give your customers a fresh greeting this spring with our cleaning services!

A new season is almost here in Nashville, and it offers an opportunity to refresh your restaurant. Winter months normally mean windows stay shut, and dirt and grime from boots and heavy shoes gets tracked onto the floor. Similar to how people look forward to spring cleaning at home, you can do the same for your restaurant. SERVPRO of Belle Meade offers plenty of services that can help your business start the season fresh!

Clean Your Air Ducts and HVAC

Your air ducts and HVAC unit work hard throughout the winter to keep your customers and employees warm. The ventilation system should be properly cleaned in the spring to make sure the air quality in your restaurant is not poor. If it has not been serviced for some time, your air could be circulating dust, pollen, odors and dirt and debris. Our technicians and equipment can clean out your system and make sure everyone breathes easier in the new season.

Kitchen Cleaning

Checking the hoods in the kitchen is usually a twice a year job, so what better time to start than for spring cleaning. Cleaning the pilots lights (if it is gas) is also a good idea. Just make sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions. Empty and sanitize the ice machine, and wipe down walls, ceilings and dry storage areas. SERVPRO of Belle Meade offers great commercial cleaning options as well, so give us a call if there are items you want professionals to fix.

Rugs and Carpets

If your restaurant uses rugs or carpet, springtime is a great time to freshen them as well. If the furniture in your restaurant does not often move, tracks from normal foot traffic can start to wear down your rugs or carpets. When they become matted, these items also hold in an abundance of dust and debris that is carried in on shoes. A proper cleaning will get rid of the smells and the dust!

SERVPRO of Belle Meade / West Nashville is only a phone call away if you need a professional to help freshen up your restaurant for spring. Get in contact today!

SERVPRO of Belle Meade Cleans Up Nashville Hotel Rooms

2/17/2017 (Permalink)

Let us keep your hotel room smelling fresh and new!

SERVPRO of Belle Meade Cleans Up Nashville

If you run a hotel in or around Nashville, then you know how important it is to offer the cleanest rooms to patrons. Your business runs on customer approval and a good first impression. When travelers walk into a room for the first time, it needs to look clean and smell great! This promotes positive reviews and encourages people to come back again. Allowing SERVPRO of Belle Meade to deodorize your rooms creates great first impressions.

SERVPRO of Belle Meade Identifies Odors

Commercial buildings, like hotels, do not always have the ability to open windows and let in fresh clean air. This is one reason SERVPRO of Belle Meade has special deodorization techniques. We have professional staff trained to identify and eliminate difficult odors. Knowing is not only half of the battle, it is part of the solution.

SERVPRO of Belle Meade Handles Odors

We can handle a wide range of offensive odors. Our techniques are specifically designed to restore the room to a comfortable state. Unwanted smells can be trapped in carpets, draperies, upholstery, and even hard surfaces. Covering up the problem with fragrance or simple fresheners is not the answer. State-of-the-art advances in proprietary cleaning have changed the way deodorization can work.

A complete cleaning is the first step to a fresh smelling room. Even vents can be the source of the problem and we check them when there is a persistent odor. This also helps keep the air quality rating at a healthy level. Carpets can trap gases, dirt, hair, and dust which breaks down fibers while causing a musty smell.

A bad smell spells trouble for hotel owners. The professionals at SERVPRO of Belle Meade are ready to take your hotel business to a new level of clean. We can work with you to schedule routine cleanings to prevent offensive odors from taking over any room. Call today for an appointment and quote on a deodorizing plan that will keep customers coming back. Let us identify and eliminate the odor before it becomes a bigger problem for your hotel and your guests. We are just a phone call away!

Freshen Up Your Business for the New Year, Nashville

12/16/2016 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO of Belle Meade help clear out the old and bring in the new with a commercial cleaning for your company.

With the winter holiday season finishing and Christmas right around the corner, most businesses are focusing on the year end goals. Rightly so, as a great percentage of sales occur during these few weeks. Keeping an eye on your marketing and sales numbers for the year is a great idea because it allows you to plan for what needs to occur next year. What could your business do differently? Do you need a fresh start? Let SERVPRO of Belle Meade help clear out the old and bring in the new with a commercial cleaning for your company. Our experts can perform a variety of services to ensure you won’t bring the muck from 2016 into 2017!

As commercial cleaning experts, the staff at SERVPRO of Belle Meade are qualified and experienced in techniques designed to make your office or property look as good as new. We can handle a number of different jobs or sites including:


  • Small Office Buildings
  • Large Office/High-Rise Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel/Motels
  • Small Retail Stores
  • Large Retail/Big-Box Stores
  • High-Rise Residential
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Government/Military

Many companies employ janitors or cleaning crews to handle the day-to-day maintenance of a property and that is great. However, some jobs require special equipment and techniques to fully tackle and make a great impression. For example, our work with the popular spot, The Gold Rush in Nashville. If you remember our blog, our team transformed the restaurant and bar into a smoke-free operation overnight. Forty two years of cigarette smoke were completely eliminated and the business smelled fantastic.

Another great way to breathe fresh air in the new year is to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned. Over time, air units can circulate pollen, dust, dirt, and debris which your employees and customers breathe. A thorough cleaning will tackle odors and mold and restore efficiency to your system.

 Finally, if your property contains carpets, rugs, blinds, or window treatments, consider having them spruced up as well. Routine vacuuming and dusting are great preventative maintenance; but a deep cleaning will do wonders for the image and smell of your business. Even if you are an Uber, Lyft or taxi driver, our cleaning techniques are top of the line!

So give SERVPRO of Belle Meade a call and schedule a fresh start for the new year.

SERVPRO of Belle Meade - Nashville's Commercial Drying Specialists

7/29/2016 (Permalink)

We can respond quickly and have your doors open for customers again!

Pursuit Of Perfection in Keeping Nashville Dry


SERVPRO of Belle Meade is always looking for ways to better serve the Nashville community. In this pursuit, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications (IICRC) have declared the Belle Meade team have met the standards and requirements for the Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS) title!

Since 1972, The IICRC has certified and developed certifications and standards for inspection, cleaning and restoration. The IICRC also serves as valuable consumer referral source for certified technicians and firms. They provide education and testing in a similar fashion to a university. There are prerequisites that must be met before an individual or a company can gain certification in a particular course or track. The course and description page even resembles a college coursework curriculum! All of this means SERVPRO of Belle Meade always works to exceed industry standards.

Having the ability to offer companies commercial drying is a huge benefit for Nashville businesses of any size. SERVPRO of Belle Meade can dry buildings in a more efficient and effective manner than ever before. This is especially true in emergency situations where businesses need their doors open quickly.

Whether it is a downtown Nashville hotel or a condo complex, SERVPRO of Belle Meade can respond quickly to reduce downtime. Keep our number in your cellphone in case an emergency arises!

Keep your hard surface flooring shining bright year round in your Nashville business

8/28/2015 (Permalink)

We spoke about how to properly maintain commercial carpeting in our last blog, but what about the commercial properties that have purchased hard surface flooring instead? We’ve got those commercial properties covered in this article. Although many people view hard flooring as an easier cleanup, it still takes the proper care and maintenance year round to keep it looking presentable and clean.  According to the Institute of Inspection of Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the first step to maintaining your hard surface flooring is identifying the type you have. The IICRC states that there are primarily six different categories of hard flooring such as, natural stone, concrete, ceramic, wood, resilient and specialty. Each category may take a different method of cleaning to ensure that it lasts a long lifetime.

·      Using a walk off mat is critical to keeping dirt and extra contaminants from entering your building and sticking to your flooring. Just as dirt wears down carpet, it also can damage and cause erosion on hard surface flooring. According to the IICRC, five feet of walk off mat will reduce dirt from entering the building by 33% and 25 feet of walk off mat will reduce almost all dirt by time the person has entered your clean Nashville business.

·      Make sure to clean up spills right upon discovering them. This is not only extremely important for your customers’ safety, but also will stop from causing a stain or water damage on your flooring. Find the proper cleaning product for the type of flooring you have, mark off the area, clean the spill up and dry the area fully before letting people walk back over the surface.

·      We spoke previously about vacuuming carpet regularly to eliminate dirt build up and although there is isn’t much material for dirt to build up on with hard surface flooring, the dirt will cause erosion, breaking down the flooring and possibly causing visible damage. Make sure to provide daily maintenance to the surface by mopping, scrubbing and cleaning the area thoroughly after the commercial traffic is done for the day. This will lead to a longer lifespan and will help eliminate replacing the flooring early on.

·      Last but not least, sometimes it’s nice to treat your flooring to some special treatment. If there are stains or tough to clean spots that have developed over time, this doesn’t always mean that the floor needs to be replaced. Contact your local restoration company to help clean the surface with their specialty equipment.

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