Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation in Nashville, TN restaurant

We all know of horror stories involving mold found in homes. However, that intensity is magnified when a mold infestation is found in a business or restaurant! ... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration Nashville, TN

When fire damage strikes a home or business, the results can be devastating. The trauma of dealing with a fire takes on several stages and dealing with the rest... READ MORE

Flooded basement with parquet flooring

Recently a customer called with a water damage to their beautiful bar area in a basement. In situations like these, it is important to dry any excess water or m... READ MORE

Flooded bathroom in commercial facility

It is hard to tell the migration of the water in the before picture but the after includes a clean orderly area with a nice ceramic tile selection.

Electrical fire in Middle Tennessee

Electrical fire in middle TN and most of the structural damage was centralized in this hallway. The before/after is pretty dramatic.

Frozen Pipe in Garage in Nashville, TN

Nashville is not normally known for extremely cold weather in the winter, but it happens on occasion! In fact, this customer can attest to how damaging freezing... READ MORE

Water Damage in a garage in Nashville

This is another garage that was damaged during the freeze of January 2014. This before after series shows some of our drywall handiwork. This job was done in ... READ MORE

Major Grocery Chain: Emergency Pressure Washing

A major grocery chain called with an emergency pressure wash need on a Saturday recently. They had a community relations issue with unsightly areas around thei... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning Nashville

This is an example of the cleaning results possible when a company understands the science behind carpet cleaning and implements those standards.

Shop Fire in Nashville, TN

Electrical fires can be devastating to a home or business. Every year, a stray spark from an overloaded outlet or flammable object reduces many homes and busine... READ MORE